Astral Cat

Astral Cat


The Creating:

I wanted to create a product line that was interactive and encouraged people think positively. From that idea came Astral Cat’s. Each Astral Cat is hand sculpted from a porcelaneous stoneware, making each one unique and special. After being sculpted they receive a belly stamp with a cheerful design and wait for their first firing. After a first firing that hardens the clay they’re ready to be glazed. Eyes, nose and color are hand painted with care before the Astral Cat gets dipped in a clear coat. During the second firing temperatures reach 2200 degrees F, this fully hardens the clay and turns the glaze into shiny glass. Its a full 24 hours before they’re cool enough to remove from the kin and their bright little eyes gaze up at the world.

The Details:

  • %100 handmade, which means always unique

  • Made with food grade, non-toxic glaze

  • Measures 1.25 x .75 (inches) size varies slightly for each one

  • %10 of this sale is donated to cat shelters

The Instructions:

With your Astral Cat you will receive and instruction card which reads as follows, “How to use Astral Cats: On a small piece of paper write a positive felling such as love, hope or joy. Give the paper to your Astral Cat. At night your Astral Cat will take your positive feeling and share it with the universe. 10% of profits go to helping local cat shelters. Be loved, give love.”

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