Porcelain Sleepy Sheep and Moon

Porcelain Sleepy Sheep and Moon


The Creating:

Counting sheep before bed? This little sleepy time sheep is to the moon cute! A cheerful addition to any room.

This cutie is hand sculpted from a fine white porcelain. The texture is added by hand, each indentation carefully made with a sculpting stylus. After this first firing, color was carefully applied. Once decorated this piece went back into the kiln for a second firing. During the firing, temperatures reach 2200 degrees F which fully hardens the clay. A full 24 hours later, the kiln is cool and this cutie is ready to bring joy to your life.

The Details:

  • 100% handmade, which means always unique

  • Crafted from beautiful white porcelain

  • Measures 3 x 3.5 x 1.5 (inches)

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