"Dino Kitty" Turquoise with Purple Spines

"Dino Kitty" Turquoise with Purple Spines


The Creating:

Try as I might, its hard to make anything cuter then cats in dinosaur suits. These little cuties steal the hearts of all who see them. They are an abundant source of joy and happiness for any home.

This adorable little dino cat is all bundled up in some cozy pajamas. Hand sculpted from a durable porcelain-stoneware blend and crafted solid for a sturdy feel. This little cutie was lovingly sculpted, dried and fired to harden the clay. After this first firing, color was carefully applied with a satin matte glaze. Once decorated this piece went back into the kiln for a second firing. During the firing, temperatures reach 2200 degrees F which fully hardens the clay. A full 24 hours later, the kiln is cool and this cute is ready to bring joy to your life.

The Details:

  • 100% handmade, which means always unique

  • Created with food grade, non-toxic glazes

  • Measures 3.25 x 2.25 x 1.25 (inches)

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