I’m Carrie Kitzke, artist and owner at Studio Mimmi. Mimmi is my cat and she helps me make everything at my studio in Portland, Oregon.

Cute, fun and functional handmade

Begin with an Idea.

As a sculptural artist I often forget the power of drawing, but recently I find myself fully immersed in my sketchbook. Doodling away little thoughts that have been floating around in my head, taking them out and putting them on paper. When I do this step first I’m always surprised at how easy it is to transition that 2D image to clay. My mind has seen what I want to create in a new way and my hands create what my eyes can see. Any little kinks have already been worked out on paper, much quicker then I could with clay. When my drawing comes to life its like being greeting by an old friend. I’m familiar with this idea, this design. We have already met and between us there is a feeling of gratitude.