Does Studio Mimmi Do Wholesale Orders?

Thank you so much for your interest in Studio Mimmi, however, I am pleased to say that I am able to sell all my work directly to customers. Everyone has been so supportive that I can’t always keep up, because of this I am unable to take wholesale orders at this time.


Do You Make Custom Orders?

Absolutely! I’m always delighted to review custom order requests and most often I am able to make them, with rare exceptions. After receiving a request and confirming, I’m able to create an item within 4-6 weeks after receiving payment.


When Is The Next Shop Update?

I’ve made it a goal to do shop updates every other month. I hope to increase that frequency or have larger updates with more items. The best way to see when my next update is to follow me on Instagram @studiomimmiceramics. I post the date in my bio as soon as I decide when it is. If you are not an Instagram user, subscribe to Studio Mimmi for email updates.


Are You Mimmi?

Mimmi is actually my cat and the best little studio helper ever. She loves to inspect each and every new item that comes into the studio. Every tool, box of clay and mug of tea gets approved. Her name is also spelled funny because its pronounced funny, said like “mim-me,” sounds like Jimmy with an “M.” Its a odd name for an odd cat. My name is Carrie Kitzke, I’m the artist and creator of Studio Mimmi.


Do You Ship Internationally?

If you would like to place an international order, please contact me. International shipping is often around $20 and those orders are processed through Etsy for the best shipping rate.